We love writing tutorials and how-to’s! Why you ask?

graduation-521544_640For the sheer fun of it. We love to learn. And we love to help others learn. There are way too many boring and heavy tutorials out there. We’d like to do our bit to change that.

Writing a good tutorial isn’t just about putting down all the facts or keywords of the language. A good tutorial intrigues, entices and makes learning fun. Just like a good teacher. (Feynman diagrams anyone?)

And contrary to popular opinion we don’t believe learning to program needs to be drab, grey and serious. Yes, even learning to program can be fun! We make it fun. Check out the work we did for Udemy.

Whether you’re looking for tutorials or other course material, we’d be glad to help you out.

Get in touch with us to explore how we can help.

Or simply, let’s get started!

Prices start from $200 for a 1000-1200 word tutorial.

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